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“I appreciate everything you taught me and I hope that others will get all the benefits I got through what I learned during the sessions our group had. Thanks for giving me the tools and information I needed to free me from the chains that bound me and made my life seem meaningless.”     EB, Samuel Adams Brewery

“Being a leader in manufacturing for over 20 years now the program reinforced some practices and reminded me of some tools that I have learned over the years.”     RH, Nestle Waters North America Inc.

“Some of the best benefits I got through this process include increased communication skills, better time management and effective delegation of responsibilities. To me, the most important component of this program is for me to walk away with a plan of action to take what I’ve learned from this course and make it vibrantly real when I act upon what I’ve learned.”     EC, Pratt Industries USA

“As a result of this, we have instated the two time periods of expected interruptions for design and have gained much more quiet time for focused design work in the design room. This environment is positive and allows each designer to concentrate on his or her work, creating more efficient designs and allowing for better creative thought process.”     DP, Impress Packaging

 “Another great asset to this program is the situation it creates for positive discussion between participants. We have ironed out problems and have had many objective views on problems that have been ongoing. Sometimes a new view of a problem can be very helpful.”     KL, CSI Material Handling, Inc.

“I learned a great deal of information throughout the class, from the first lesson to the last. The one that really stuck with me, and was a valuable toorto have with me, was from the first week. That successful leaders are made – not born.”     JR, Freshpet

“There have been countless ideas and lessons learned from the past eight weeks that I will carry on and continue to use in everyday life.”     KS, McLean Packaging Corp

“The 8 week Effective Leadership Development course through LMI has been a very positive and insightful experience. Not only did it help me learn about myself as a leader, but it gave me tools to better lead, encourage, motivate, and train my team. The interaction with the other members of my organization in the class was also very enjoyable as I got to know some other leaders in the company and got to see their perspective of certain topics.”     AB, Innovated Workspaces

“Training is such an important part of a successful team. Since moving into a new position, I am excited to gain more knowledge and experience another side of our business. This will help me to be a better employee and manager in the future. ”     DS, Kelly Automotive Group

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