Attitude x Behavior = Results


The LMI program materials provide a significant part of the unique LMI learning/behavioral-change/results process. They provide the resources for a multi-sensory approach to learning that has been proven to be superior to any other method available. Each participant receives a printed manual(visual sense), audio of each lesson(hearing sense), and a plan of action to write down goals and action steps(tactile/feeling sense).

Effective Leadership Development

Those who have been “doers” but now need to manage will benefit from this look at their new responsibilities. Whether you are a first-time manager or you have been managing others but have never had formal training, the ELD program provides the basic skills and attitudes that lead to success.

Effective Personal Productivity

Executives, managers, and supervisors need practical skills to increase both personal and organizational productivity. The EPP program provides hands-on application of these skills to increase one’s personal productivity, and that of the organization’s teams, through time management, goal setting, communication, and empowerment.

Effective Personal Leadership

Through this comprehensive goals program, the EPL helps individuals develop increased self-discipline, a sense of purpose, and positive attitudes toward themselves and others. The bottom line is a happier, healthier, more productive employee.

Effective Motivational Leadership

As the world of business has changed and evolved, the need for effective leaders has skyrocketed. For businesses to become truly empowered and innovative enterprises, they must develop leaders throughout the entire organization. The EML program is designed to create, build, and lead winning teams to function efficiently and effectively in today’s global business environment.

Effective Strategic Leadership

Strategic leadership is the ability to lead an organization. A strategic leader is able to define and develop the purpose of the organization, the key strategies, the optimum structure, the right people in the right roles, and the most effective processes for the organization to succeed.

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