Upcoming Programs


“Productivity” Program

LMI Effective Personal Productivity

A 6 consecutive session, in-person program offered bi-annually.

The 1st quarter program starts on January 24th.

The 3rd quarter program starts on July 17th.

Weekly Schedule

Week 1: Kickoff
Week 2: Goals Workshop
Week 3: The Nature of Productivity
Week 4: Productivity Through Goals Achievement
Week 5: Increasing Productivity Through Managing Priorities
Week 6: Improving Productivity Through Communication

“Signature” Program

LMI Effective Leadership Development

A 10 consecutive session, in-person program offered bi-annually.

The 2rd quarter program starts on April 17th.

The 4th quarter program starts on October 2th.

Weekly Schedule

Week 1: Kickoff
Week 2:  Goals Workshop
Week 3:  Successful Leaders are Made – Not Born
Week 4:  Improving Results with Better Time Management
Week 5:  Exercising Authority Effectively
Week 6:  The Art of Delegation
Week 7:  Effective Communication is a Leadership Essential
Week 8:  Motivating People to Produce
Week 9:  Preventing and Solving Problems
Week 10:  Developing People’s Potential

LMI Partners Virtual Programs Offerings

Other LMI partners offer virtual programs with these start dates:

LMI Effective Leadership Development:  Jan 16th, Feb 13th
LMI Effective Personal Productivity: January 31st
LMi Leadership for Women: Jan 4th

Our Vision

To be clearly recognized by the business community as the most effective resource for manufacturing positive change in the attitudes, behaviors and results of people in the Greater Lehigh Valley area.

Our Purpose

To significantly increase personal, organizational and regional productivity by developing future leaders to foster positive attitudes and actively pursue clearly defined SMART goals, thus narrowing the gap between God-given potential and actual performance.

Our Mission

To manufacture positive change in everyone who is in contact with us through the influence of the LMI Strategic Development Process™ and/or network of Franchises.

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