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“…since our classes have started I went from smoking 1 1⁄2 packs of cigarettes a day to less than 5 cigarettes a day. I believe this is because my stress level is down at work due to the fact I am utilizing what I learned from LMI.”     BAN, John Yurconic Agency

“This program is wonderful for people who are managing and directing people on a daily basis as it provides them tools they can use while working with their employees.”             MW, Sunburst Property Management

“This training has been transforming to my development and improvement as a leader at Valley Youth House, a leader in the community, and a leader in my home.”     PZ, Valley Youth House

“I feel without this class I would still be working 12-16 hour days and swamped with too much work and not enough time to do it and not be able to accomplish my goals. Now I know the better my team can function without me, the better leader I am and the better my team becomes because of it.”     MB, Sterman Masser, Inc.

“It has been rewarding to see results from this program in becoming a better leader, and the positive direction of those on my team and how it has made our department more efficient and profitable. The team’s attitude of ownership and pride has had the biggest impact, knowing that what they do every day is as important to the company as well as to themselves.”
PB, Keystone Potato Products, LLC

“I spend less time on some of the necessary daily tasks by using new data collection tools we have created. The information I need for planning is easier to access. I have saved 1.5 hours a day since restructuring my activities. My time is more focused on high payoff activities. I spend more time on the ‘Big Picture’ and future planning for the NC Group.”      JC, Computer Designs Inc.

“Delegating some of my day-to-day tasks to my team allowed me to free time up to set and measure goals for the team to work towards. It is also giving me a little more time to look at the ‘big picture’ instead of putting out daily fires. This includes creating an updated production schedule, prepare more KPI’s(key performance indicators) for my upper management.”
MD, FlexLink Systems, Inc.

“Since I have started the ELD program, I have been challenged in many ways. The material, homework process and class discussions have made me look at things in a different way for positive growth for myself and team.”     ML, Maitz Home Services

“The course has helped me grow and work towards attaining my long-term goals in the areas of time management, planning, communication, and problem resolution. Also the course has made me more goals oriented and write my goals down, because ‘what gets written gets done.’     MWJ, United States Cold Storage

“I appreciate everything you taught me and I hope that others will get all the benefits I got through what I learned during the sessions our group had. Thanks for giving me the tools and information I needed to free me from the chains that bound me and made my life seem meaningless.”     EB, Samuel Adams Brewery

“This class has been very useful to me in my work environment as well as my home environment. I especially enjoyed the Art of Delegation section at home as I delegated tasks to my children that I had previously done. This will help them to be more responsible in the future…although explaining that to my four kids is no easy task!”     KC, MEL Chemicals Inc.

“I have achieved greater confidence in my decision making skills through developing my personal attitude of ownership of the organization. I have learned how to better organize myself and use my time more effectively to complete tasks and goals. Through self-discipline and flexibility, I am expanding my knowledge of the operation.”     WAC, Keystone Food Products, Inc.

“Keeping people happy and on track and productive sometimes is not easy. ELD has taught me ways to make it easier for myself and my employees.”     EJ, Gardner Cryogenics

“Being a leader in manufacturing for over 20 years now the program reinforced some practices and reminded me of some tools that I have learned over the years.”     RH, Nestle Waters North America Inc.

“Upon completion of the Effective Leadership Development process I have found the focus on achieving results through my team with the many tools provided by LMI very beneficial to me as the class has helped me to reorganize my daily planning to work through some critical challenges with a positive spin and a solid plan of action.”     TS, Human Resource Administrators

“Some of the best benefits I got through this process include increased communication skills, better time management and effective delegation of responsibilities. To me, the most important component of this program is for me to walk away with a plan of action to take what I’ve learned from this course and make it vibrantly real when I act upon what I’ve learned.”     EC, Pratt Industries USA

“As a result of this, we have instated the two time periods of expected interruptions for design and have gained much more quiet time for focused design work in the design room. This environment is positive and allows each designer to concentrate on his or her work, creating more efficient designs and allowing for better creative thought process.”     DP, Impress Packaging

 “Another great asset to this program is the situation it creates for positive discussion between participants. We have ironed out problems and have had many objective views on problems that have been ongoing. Sometimes a new view of a problem can be very helpful.”     KL, CSI Material Handling, Inc.

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